Givers univerisity Campus Franchise Opportunities

Would you like to earn up to $20,000 per month as the owner of your own GIVERS Univeristy Campus

Are you the kind of person who would like to be a part of something bigger while at the same time helping your local community be a better place to live?

Are you interested in opening, organizing, developing and building a local community of like-minded GIVERS within an exclusive territory?

GIVERS university provideds 5 Campus Franchise options for those who qualify.

  • Participation in GIVERS University TV and radio lead generation for customers, clients, and affiliates at both the local and national level.
  • Income from cooperative office space rentals and other services provided to local GIVERS and Mentors.
  • National and local TV and radio advertising campaign to help build the franchisees territory including new members, customers, clients, and affiliates.
  • Income from meeting room and conference space rentals to local affiliates and community functions.
  • Income from on-site campus retail sales of all products and services including the GIVERS University Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods®.
  • Turnkey campus setup including furniture, signage, equipment, and interior design.
  • Off-site campus setup support.
  • On-site campus setup support.
  • Being part of something bigger – increasing happiness, freedom, and greatness.
  • Working with other like-minded GIVERS.
  • Financial independence and security.
  • Be your own boss representing GIVERS University.
  • More quality time with family and friends – balanced life.
  • Working in a GIVERS culture – helpful and supportive.
  • Part of an ever growing worldwide community and network of members, affiliates and campus locations.
  • Residual income as a senior or master Mentor – ever increasing.
  • Performance incentives and awards.
  • Recognition – both status and rewards.
  • Car Programs, luxury autos.
  • Trip incentives – luxury travel awards.
  • Recognition as a campus and Mentor.
  • Retirement income.
  • Charitable Donations- provide GIVERS University Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods & Drinks® to local religious organizations and food banks to help end food insecurity.