Read some of the history that lead to this amazing series below.

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RJ in Massachusetts, United States: Do you relate to RJ's story....

He was betrayed by his partner. Once the betrayal happened, it was like a domino effect all going in the wrong direction. The next shoe to drop was a divorce and then the next shoe to drop was a strained relationship with his family and children. Clearly, RJ was not the problem. Sometimes, it's the other person. These same other people bring with them the 3 D's of Takers, namely, Defeatism, Disruption, and Destruction. RJ experienced all 3 of these by simply having the wrong person(s) around him.

RJ's Transformation:

Today RJ is leading a Rich Life of Predictable Happiness. He has risen above the challenges in his life and he is a GIVER and an OVERCOMER.
RJ Transformed his life from one of unpredictable chaos and sadness into a life of Predictive Happiness with The GIVE To Be  Great™ courses.
Would you like a life of Happiness that is Predictable and Consistent like RJ?

Luanne R. in Ontario, Canada Do you relate to Luanne's story....

She was deceived by a Taker. Her marriage ended. Her friends went on to higher paying jobs. Her productivity went out the window. Her debt got out of control causing her to go into debt consolidation.
Clearly, Luanne was feeling trapped in her everyday life. Being surrounded by Takers made the challenges in her life even worse.

Luanne's Transformation:

Today, Luanne is living the life of Massive Freedom. She can pretty much do what she wants, when she wants. She no longer feels trapped by everyday challenges and financial debt. She knows she can overcome new challenges because she has learned how to do it.
Luanne Transformed her life of Insignificance, feeling trapped and imprisoned, into a life of Massive Freedom with The GIVE To Be Great courses and what she learned and applied to her life.
Would you like a life of Exceptional Greatness like Jean?

Jean B. from Ontario, Canada Do you relate to Jean's story........

Her life began to unravel all at once. It was all very unexpected, yet it happened. One challenge piled on top of another. In 129 days, she lost her only and younger sister, her family dog of 14 years, and her husband. Her late husband’s life was taken in just 10 days, each day was a positive or negative medical roller coaster. Her life seemed insignificant, having recently lost all of her family, but her brother who lives 6 hours away. On top of all of that, Jean was recovering from surgery.
She felt useless, like she couldn’t or wouldn’t be an asset to society. She felt very average and mediocre. At this Time, she was a widow and didn’t feel special to anyone. She wasn’t working so her life was  dull.... again.

Jean's Transformation:

Today, Jean is no longer feeling average or mediocre. She is remarried and closer with her family. She has overcome her challenges and she rose up as a GIVER does.
Jean Transformed her life of Average Mediocrity into a life of Exceptional Greatness with The GIVE To Be Great™ courses. Would you like a life of Exceptional Greatness like Jean?

These are only 3 of the many examples of those who have transformed their lives with The GIVE To Be Great™ courses.

ALL of them have this in common: They wanted to transform their lives into what they wanted them to be. THEY one way or another..... Transformed their life from one of unpredictable chaos and sadness into a life of Predictive Happiness. Transformed their life of Insignificance, feeling trapped and imprisoned, into a life of Massive Freedom. Transformed their life of Average Mediocrity into a life of Exceptional Greatness.

If They Can Do It, So Can You!

I have attended courses similar to this course but not half the information.
It's extremely informative in creating a Lifestyle to strive for.
It has everything you should strive for no matter what age you are.

-Jean B.
I liked how the audio lessons were like you were listening to the speaker in a webinar and not just listening to the actual book.
These courses are quite different than other courses. It's laid out in layman's terms that you can understand and follow with ease.
All 3 courses connect with each other so you build from one course to the next.

-Luanne R.
In addition to my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I’m continuously taking Continuing Education (CE) courses to retain my professional credentials including ISCEBS (International Society of Certified Employee Benefits Specialists), SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), DiSC (Personality Profile tool), Emotional Intelligence (the ability to understand and manage your own emotions), and several others but the GIVE To Be Great series is the most relevant and beneficial course that I’ve taken in my personal and professional career.