GIVERS University’s Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods® Line

Containing the World’s Original Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods ® Code

What makes GIVERS university Super Smart Foods special?

Eating unhealthy, although great tasting foods, and then subsequently purchasing and consuming nasty tasting and most often ineffective vitamin and mineral pills for supplementation.

a bag of french fries a pile of vitamins
To be replaced by the new paradigm of eating & drinking.

Enjoying great tasting wellness foods and drinks with the vitamins and minerals already blended into the foods and drinks. No more nasty tasting and costly pills.

a bag of french fries
GIVERS University’s Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods® Line is the first to incorporate the Fibonacci Code into all all of our products.

This quest included how to use the Fibonacci sequence code in combination with a special combination of divine numbers to formulate a line of foods and drinks using these codes in perfect harmony. This new code would serve as the numerical building blocks for a line of wellness foods and drinks, which contain special nutritional formulations in specific harmoniously balanced qualities and quantities.

The Fibonacci Spiral