GIVERS University’s Thinkubator Ideas & Inventions

Thinkubator Defined

A Hybrid business idea, invention, and/or technology think tank, combined with a business development and expansion program for GIVERS worldwide.

Tap Into An Immense and Ever Expanding Global Community.

The opportunity for success has never been greater than by teaming up with GIVERS within the worldwide GIVERS University Community membership.

Our worldwide membership includes like-minded GIVERS from all backgrounds and expertise. We have an unlimited pool of resources ready to help with your current or future project funding, professional management and office administration needs.

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Success Through Effective Management and Extensive Distribution

You could benefit through the GIVERS University worldwide community of executive talent and existing distribution network channels including: Members, Affiliates, Mentor, Franchises, Campuses, Clients, Customers, Direct Marketing Campaigns, Course Graduates, and GIVERS University Alumni.

The GIVERS university Thinkubator provides the following services.

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